My name is Maja, welcome to my atelier.

I’m a writer. I write about life, people, experiences, forgotten stories, traces that follow the awakened, about passion and freedom.

Take a deep breath and allow everything to become simple. The world needs more fairy tales, and definitely more people who create them.

I believe in good fairies. I love the scent of old books, the taste of figs, music and good wine. The storm of ideas has always raged within me… Freedom is my wilderness, a drop in the ocean, and the possibility that I do not belong to anyone. Freedom has shown me that ideas are realized when you believe in them hard enough. Many offered me the world, but I refused because I already had my own.

What will you discover at the Atelier?

Poetry evenings in which I will introduce you to all the souls’ secrets and show you how passion can be poured into words.

Intriguing novels that you will want to bring home…

Creative writing and workshops where ideas turn into reality, after which your world and life will never be the same. Your mind and soul hide many treasures and it’s up to you to discover and use them.

Thematic evenings, promotions of your work, exhibitions, etc.

Workspace where you can come, learn, work, read, drink coffee, tea and eat raw cakes, allowing your thoughts to freely seek their source.

Nothing will be the same. Get ready!  

I believe in order to have your freedom you should risk everything and direct your passion towards things that drive you. The only thing that is for me, as a woman, the biggest and most important thing, is my freedom and passion which transform into prose and poetry that I write as I surrender to life as if it was a wild dance between my imagination and soul. In a woman, the soul is the most beautiful thing, and sometimes it can be hundreds of years old. However, no matter how old the soul within is, it contains an unimaginable amount of poetry and love. Old souls cannot be loved by everyone, but there are always those who will be able to.

Some people are artists, while others are art themselves. Come and discover what’s hiding within you.

Atelier Maja works with Atelier Gordi. What does this mean? This means that in Wiesbaden there is a big studio where you can enjoy books and art while eating raw cakes and drinking cocktails prepared by Madame Gordi using her extraordinary recipes.

On this website you will find a notice about future and following events, workshops, themed evenings, etc. For certain events, you will need to contact us via SMS or by filling in the contact form, in order to book a seat for you and your friends. The number of seats is limited, so hurry!

The Atelier is open only on specific days and during certain times, but if you wish to organize a special day for your friends, or book it for a special occasion, feel free to contact me!

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